Prices for Latvia Post delivery services:

  World (outside Europe)
< 500 g                       2,66  < 500 g                       4,55  < 500 g                       6,55
0.5 - 1 kg                   2.89  0.5 - 1 kg                   6,39  0.5 - 1 kg                   10,96
1.5- 2 kg                     3.29  1.5- 2 kg                     11,54  1.5- 2 kg                     20,35
3 kg                            3.54  3 kg                            24,36  3 kg                            32,90
3.5 - 4.0 kg                 4.10  3.5 - 4.0 kg                 25,98  3.5 - 4.0 kg                 40,44
5 kg                            4.10  5 kg                            27,30  5 kg                            43,11

Terms and and conditions for the product delivery

The laws and regulations of Republic of Latvia require – the owner of the online shop has to stipulate terms and conditions of product delivery and return policy, as well as right of withdrawal. This stipulation is defined as 'Distance contract'.

Distance Contract

The vendor of the featured items in the online shop ''Baltic Heritage'', hereinafter - Vendor from one side, and person who places his order, hereinafter -  Customer, from the other side enter into a Distance Contract:

The Vendor undertakes to sell and deliver to Customer goods according to the Customer's placed order; whereas Customer undertakes to accept the ordered goods and to make payment in accordance with the Distance contract regulations.

Delivery and payment conditions

The Customer places his order in the online shop ''Baltic Heritage'' web page indicating the type of ordered goods and amount, as well as his/her e-mail address.

The Vendor prepares an invoice according to the Customer's order and sends to the indicated e-mail address.

The invoice is processed electronically and is valid without a signature. The customer makes payment for his order.

The Vendor ensures delivery of the goods within 20 (twenty) days after the Vendor has received payment for the order in his bank account.

The Vendor agrees on the delivery time with the Customer.  Delivery of the goods in accordance with Latvijas Pasts fixed rates.


Guarantee of the goods that are offered in the online shop ''Baltic Heritage'' is determined abiding by the 27th Article of the Consumer Rights.

Right of Withdrawal

The Customer has the right to decline his order within 14 (fourteen) days after receiving the goods.

If the goods are received by post ''the moment of receipt'' is considered the 7th day when the Vendor had handed over the goods in the post office.

In order to decline his order, The Customer can send to the Vendor a refusal letter via e-mail.

The the refusal letter from the Vendor will be sent via e-mail on Customer's request.

The consumer's responsibility to the Vendor is to return goods within 7 (seven) days after sending the refusal letter.

Expenses that result while returning the goods are covered by Customer.

Customer cannot use the rights of withdrawal if:

•  The ordered items by their character cannot be returned; they soon get bad; they are quickly consumable;

•  Customer has opened the product packaging.

The sixth part of the 12. Article of the Consumer Rights Protection Act of the Republic of Latvia determine ''consumer is responsible for the item's quality and the safety protection  in the period whereby their consumer rights are being exercised''. 

The Vendor retains rights to refuse the Customer the rights of withdrawal or the Vendor may withhold payment of compensation in case if the item is damaged or it's packaging is significantly damaged.

Data processing

After placing his order in the online shop ''Baltic Heritage'' web page Customer acknowledges that he is acquainted with the terms and conditions and agrees that the information is used by the Vendor to accept the Customer's order and to carry out the delivery according to the Republic of Latvia's legislative requirements. The Customer agrees that to their email address will be sent information about the progress of the Customer's order.

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