About us


'Baltic Heritage is an association of craftspeople, Latvian manufacturers, and other related professionals, that offers its customers the unique option of buying quality handmade goods of all kinds. It also provides a professional service from people who have many years of experience, in the hope of making the dreams and hopes of its customers come to fulfillment. We combine authentic Baltic craft traditions, with respect for Nature and natural beauty, both in the garden and in landscape generally. We do this by shaping the landscape, by protecting the environment, and also, most importantly, we make a visual record or permanent memento of it!

We also use authentic handmade tools, as employed by Baltic craftspeople from the earliest times. By contrast, we also follow the very latest of technologies. The years of experience and technical mastery of our craftspeople, is Baltic Heritage's greatest asset. We always endeavor to preserve and thereby increase the knowledge of these ancient craft skills.Big things grow out of paying attention to little things, which is exactly what we aim to achieve!

Our team

Baiba Reitere

SIA "BR Services" member of the board

+371 22042794

'All of us have to walk on the Stage known as Life, meaning Personal Growth and Personal Improvement are essential for us all. The autobiographies of successful people, can help us to find useful role models to achieve these aims. To quote a source of inspiration for myself, Robin Sharma: 'You are not here to earn your living; you are here to give the world a chance to live more abundant, with wider vision, with hope and motivation for success. How much inspired are you in your life?''

Ina Eglīte

Professional gardener

+371 25522455

God was the first gardener in the World. He created Paradise. To create a paradise on earth is my ambition. To give thanks to God and to give people some Joy!

Elita Lanka

Photo service and design

Looking for things that are beautiful both in humans and in Nature, with a camera in my backpack, I often walk long distances, to seek out spectacular sunrises and sunsets, especially those by the sea. I go barefooted in the morning dew, and lose myself in the mist, simply in order to capture the moment!
Enjoying the perpetual changes in Nature, I am also inevitably meditating and gaining essential new energy for the day ahead.

Iveta Žvagiņa

Craftswoman and consultant on environmental issues

"I effectively imbibe solar energy, by the business of creating and thus by giving. It is my perpetuum mobile (perpetual motion). I see, feel and know how I can help people. That is why I'll use the words told by American-Latvian musician Alberts Legzdiņš (Čikāgas piecīši): "Don't you worry about me, my dear Friend, don't be upset, I was raised by a hero tribe, my foundation consists of stone and sand of my fatherland." This tribe that is by the Baltic shores, is at the crossroads of Kurland, Zemaitis and Selia. From cuisine and aviation to environmental protection, form the ancient natural tradition to the future- that is my way of life."

Linda Kande

Administrator and translator 

Graduate of Latvia University who specialised in the Human Sciences Department of Asian Studies. An interest in world languages, history, and art has helped me to realise and value my Fatherland.

Friends of Baltic Heritage

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